Our Story

True to our name, the idea of Karamojo Trading Company was born in the wilds of Africa. Shortly after university, I took a job as a bush camp manager and apprentice Professional Hunter in southern Africa.

Karamojo Trading Company was truly born of necessity - I saw a glaring departure from what was once held dear among those who pursued the time-honored traditions inherent in Mother Nature. Baggy cargo pants, “Large” shirts that could comfortably clothe 3 men, “new and improved” camo prints every season. How did we get here? Roosevelt and Hemingway wouldn’t be caught dead in some of the stuff I see on the rack today. Men and women took to the field in their noblest of apparel - for what is an adventure within the communal environs of nature if not noble? I became determined to reacquaint myself (and the rest of the outdoor community) with that bygone era.

So why challenge 40+ years of “convention” in the name of innovation? My lady will tell you it’s because I feel most alive when surrounded by risk (she may have a point). Honestly, I just had a feeling that I wasn’t alone - I believe there are others who ascribe to the vision of the “rugged gentleman” from the days of yore. Combining technical fabrics with vintage style and old world tailoring is our solution to the “either/or” dilemma. Function and style are no longer mutually exclusive. Our apparel is at home in the field, on the water, in the board room or in the tap room. Rugged. Refined. It’s who we are - what we do.



Robert “Dos” Crow