Our Mission

“You were once wild…don’t let them tame you”

The human spirit. That wild, unconquerable, innate being within each and every one of us. And within the trappings of a postmodern, complacent society... under siege.

We have evolved over centuries to create the most accommodating lifestyle imaginable: self-driving cars, private space travel, a veritable climate-controlled existence. Yet we were all born wild at heart. It’s why we suffer for months to climb mountains when a view from the summit is just a click away; freeze to our bones waiting for that bull elk even though the supermarket is around the corner; spend hours casting to that one trout rising with the evening hatch when a bistro could plate it up in a fraction of the time.

Put simply, we need wild in our lives! As human beings we thrive on challenges to spur our own individual growth, to give us perspective; and Mother Nature is the ultimate giver of perspective. We’ve become so accustomed to the routines of an over-civilized, over-connected society that we’ve neglected our primal origins - and the very core of our spirit falls prey to this paradoxical “advancement.” We all have this desire within us: a desire to explore, to roam, to encounter the unknown. When we allow ourselves this journey, the untamed spirit becomes ALIVE. It’s a palpable, almost spiritual awakening.

At Karamojo, we make it our mission to awaken the indomitable spirit by challenging our advocates to immerse themselves in nature, in the unknown. As Hemingway said: “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”

So get out there and Hunt. Fish. Explore. Create. Lead. Fight.